CCU Open Mic Signup!

This is the Comedy Corner's mic sign up. Sign up DAY OF SHOW, any time after 10am CST. The list goes up right around 8-9pm, with the show starting at 10pm. The mic can start filling up as early as 9:30pm, ask people coming to see you to arrive early.

If it's your first time, please mark that - and it means you almost for sure get a spot (we have up to 4 spots for new comics, on weird weeks with 20+ of them they don't all get spots). When you're new expect 3 minute sets about once a month, which sucks but is as fair as we've been able to figure it out.

We use your email to identify you, so make sure you use the same one every week, even a typo can fuck up our very NOT-FAIL-PROOF system.

Enter your all your info below, and follow the steps on the next page.

If you can’t make the open mic, text 612-492-1197 to say that to us, or you might get banned!